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RGS River Trail

Traversing the Dolores River Corridor

The RGS River trail traverses the Dolores River corridor along the abandoned Rio Grand Southern (“RGS”) railroad grade extending 4.7 miles from the Town of Rico south to the Montezuma/Dolores County line. This trail project is a joint effort of RTA, the Town of Rico and the U.S. Forest Service. Much of the trail is constructed and the last very critical (and most expensive) component of the trail is installing a bridge in the same location where the historic RGS Railroad bridge once straddled the river (see photo).

The bridge will allow Rico’s RGS River trail to connect all the way through. The RGS leads mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners to the 7+ mile Ryman Creek Trailhead and the Salt Creek trailhead, which both extend up to the legendary Colorado Trail. No more riding down the highway to get access to these trailheads. The trail’s gentle grade also affords families, youth and novice trail users a doable trail alternative that showcases Rico’s mining past, featuring many old mining and railroad structures (coal chutes, stone coke ovens, etc.). The trail will also be groomed for nordic skiing, biking and snowshoeing.

We are diligently seeking grant funds, but your financial help is essential. Please donate now or feel free to reach out with any questions.

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